Ready to Experience BodyWalking for yourself?

Body Walking

Tod is demonstrating Body Walking poolside for a Sonoran Living article

BodyWalking utilizes the weight of the therapists body as the therapeutic tool results in ischemic pressure.  In a nutshell, we are decreasing circulation to that area of the body.  When the BodyWalker steps off, blood rushes in like a Tsunami.  Resulting in muscles lengthened.  More space between muscles, and massive amounts of circulation enhancement

What’s the difference from a normal massage?

  • Deeper Cleanse, Nourish, Recover
  • Massage–cleanse out the metabolic waste, nourish with new blood
  • BodyWalking exponentially accelerates the opportunity for the body cleanse, nourish, and recover
  • BodyWalking utilizes a unique proprietary compression method, compared to other foot modalities that are more labor intensive
  • Do this by using different angles and foot positions to create better and more effective therapeutic results.

Go Tell Your Health Care Professional You Want to Be Walked On!

If you’re looking to feel better than you have ever felt and want to be pain free.  Tell your licensed massage therapist, physical therapist and chiropractor.  The BodyWalking Institute will pay for your first 2 treatments when they become successfully certified.