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From the Desk of Tod Miller

Founder of The BodyWalking Institute

Do you know what a tipping point is?

Well, after spending the last 20 years developing BodyWalking and certifying therapists primarily on the West Coast, we were privileged to appear on 2 National TV programs (ABC’s Shark Tank, and CBS’ The Doctors).  I always knew I was on to something, but the overwhelming response from all across the country (in a relatively short time period) showed that hundreds of therapists are needed nationally to satisfy all the demand we’ve received from consumers.  This has been a tremendous tipping point for BodyWalking.

So I’d like to ask you to consider an opportunity to grow your practice, help more clients, and allow your own body to heal.

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Next Certification Class:
Scottsdale, AZ

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Just to recap…

BodyWalking is a superior modality for providing the best possible care for your clients.

BodyWalking will help grow your practice by giving you new methods to help more clients in more meaningful ways.

BodyWalking will give your own body a much needed break, allowing you to heal.

Certification includes:

  • 25 Hours of Hands/Feet on Training, including 25 CEU’s ($2500 Value)
  • BodyWalking Stand and Mat ($974 Value)
  • Practicums
  • Testing
  • Complete Turn-Key Marketing Package ($2500 Value)
  • Video Commercial ($500 Value)
  • Press Release Kit ($750 value)
  • Be promoted on the BWI website
  • Joining the BodyWalking family

Just in case you weren’t adding it up in your head,

that’s $7224 in real world Value.

I want you to see that number, just to realize that what we are doing goes far beyond ANY other certification training you have received to date.  Most CEU’s are meant to satisfy State and Local licensing requirements, not to put more money in your pocket.  But when you combine the 3 days of training, plus the testing, plus the turn-key marketing package, suddenly you realize the impact that BodyWalking will have on the longevity of your therapeutic career, as well as to the growth of your practice.

So while the real world value is  really worth $7224.

We would rather get as many therapists as possible to join the BodyWalking family, so that’s not what we are charging!

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 So, given all the revenue and profits BodyWalking will generate for your practice,
You see how this special opportunity is more than just some CEU’s.

But if that isn’t a sweet enough deal for you,

Find out how you can get YOUR certification for FREE

Please let me know if you have any questions.  I would love to share more with you about BodyWalking and/or put you in touch with some of our other certified therapists, so you can hear from them.



Tod Miller

BodyWalking Institute, Founder