BodyWalking – Simply A Better Massage

People get BodyWalking.  Its the coolest thing.  Whether I am at an expo or appearing on TV, therapists and consumers want BodyWalking.  There’s tod-teaching-(0002)something about it that draws people in to want to receive a BodyWalking session or to do it.

Having received my first 90 minute therapeutic massage when i was 19 years old, I knew massage could change the world or at least mine.  I love the sport of triathlon and have accomplished 20+ IronMan triathlons, including 2 Hawaii’s and others around the world.  Without a serious commitment to recovery an athlete will become injured and quit any sport.  That’s where BodyWalking comes in.  It is a better, smarter massage!

Here’s why and a little bit of the how – it takes the principle of circulation and kicks it into turbo.  Massage is all about cleansing metabolic waste from tissues, nourishing that area with increased blood flow thus assisting the body to increase recovery.

BodyWalking does all that and more.  By utilizing Ischemic pressure  which is the decrease in blood flow.  BodyWalkers are trained in very specific foot protocols for specific conditions and are trained in developing those sensory dynamics in there feet to eelicit a much improved  circulation response.  In a nut shell, when you are receiving a BodyWalking Treatment, and I am standing on your hamstring, the sympathetic, parasympathetic nervous system kicks in and the body thinks there is a traumatic situation taking place.  The body sends stem cells and other immune boosting factors to that area.  Upon stepping off that area of the body there is no danger and the body receives all the immune factors that were elicited due to the BodyWalking Therapy.  It feels great.  Its an aha moment for your body.

Enjoy the freedom in your body,


Tod Miller – Founder of The BodyWalking Inst.