Body Walking Institute founder Tod Miller, 25 time Ironman athlete

Tod Miller, Founder of the BodyWalking Institute

I am an IronMan triathlete and licensed massage therapist who loves to push his body, mind, and spirit. I know recovery equals performance, whether that is sleep, food, yoga or massage. I have found no other healing performance tool like BodyWalking. Quality pressure and the ability to space out the muscles is unparalleled  BodyWalking is the best massage I have ever had.

Results are delivered, healing and performance are attained. I founded the BodyWalking Institute because this stuff works. BodyWalking is different than any other modality out there.  As a therapist, your body will experience an ease of while delivering a therapeutic transformation to your client. If you are in pain or just looking for the best massage you ever had, run and tell your therapist you want BodyWalking.

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The average career of a Massage Therapist is 7 years. Don’t injure yourself and don’t burn out. Your clients need you. Become a certified BodyWalker.

Certified BodyWalkers were the official therapy for the “Extreme MakeOver Home Edition” staff and volunteers at the Piestawa Family Home built in Flagstaff Arizona.

Certified BodyWalkers help Arizona IronMan triathletes race the big one. Racers commented: “that was the best 10 minute massage I have ever had.”


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